Configuration of Entropy

This document describes the options when configuring Entropy. All the options are defined in the file config/ and are loaded at startup.

Monitoring section

This section describes the parameters to connect Entropy to the gmeta daemon .

Property Description Default value The IP or hostname of the gmeta daemon localhost
gmetad.port The port of the gmeta daemon 8651

Dynamic consolidation section

This section describes the parameters to tune the decision and the plan module.

Property Description Default value
dynamicConsolidation.vmpp.solvingTime The solving time for the decision module in seconds. With a short solving time, the system is more reactive but may miss improved solutions or even a single solution if the problem is hard. 60
dynamicConsolidation.vmrp.solvingTime The solving time for the plan module in seconds. The explanation are the same than above 60
dynamicConsolidation.simplify.activate If the virtual machine are CPU intensive, then they can be considered as actives when they require their own CPU (e.g when a big computation is performed). Otherwise, they are inactive and their current consumption does not require a dedicated CPU. If this property is set to true, then the current requirement of each virtual machine is mapped following this model (it simplify the problem). true
dynamicConsolidation.simplify.threshold If the simplification is activated, then this property define the activity threshold. If the CPU consumption of a virtual machine is below this value, then the virtual machine is considered as inactive. Otherwise, it is considered inactive 500