Download Entropy

Two modes of distributions are available:

  • A standalone distribution that includes all the dependencies, configuration files and management scripts.
  • A single jar that only contains the application Entropy. This archive should be used when you want to integrate Entropy as a library.

Experimental release

The current version of Entropy is the version 1.2.0 (see release notes ). It contains several experimental features and should not be used in a production mode. Only the consolidation manager release has been deeply tested. We hope to release an official 2.0 version asap.

Archive Checksum
JAR entropy-1.2.0.jar entropy-1.2.0.jar.md5
sources entropy-1.2.0-sources.jar entropy-1.2.0-sources.jar.md5
javadoc entropy-1.2.0-javadoc.jar entropy-1.2.0-javadoc.jar.md5

Stable release: a consolidation manager

The latest stable version of Entropy is the version 1.0.0 (see release notes ). It should only contain tested and stable features.

Archive Checksum
JAR entropy-1.0.0.jar entropy-1.0.0.jar.md5
sources entropy-1.0.0-sources.jar entropy-1.0.0-sources.jar.md5
javadoc entropy-1.0.0-javadoc.jar entropy-1.0.0-javadoc.jar.md5

All the previous releases are available in the archives .

Snapshot versions

Snapshot are available for development versions. They contain additional features or fixes that are not as mature to be considered as a release.

Archive Checksum
JAR entropy-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar entropy-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.md5

All the previous snapshots are available on the snapshot repository .

Building from the sources

You can build Entropy from sources using the repository. The methods to download the sources are described on the repository page . Entropy uses Maven as the software project management system, it is necessary to install it to build easily Entropy.

You can build the artifacts (the jar and the standalone distribution) with the command "mvn assembly:assembly " in the root directory of the sources (this directory should contain a file named pom.xml ). If the compilation succeed, artifacts will be available in the directory target .

System Requirements

  • JDK - 1.5 or above (developed and tested with the 1.5 and 1.6)
  • Memory - 1GB
  • Disk - no minimum requirement
  • Operating System - Should be able to run on any system that provides a compatible JAVA environment. Tested on GNU/Linux. Management scripts for GNU/Linux

Installation Instructions of the distribution

  1. Entropy is a Java tool, so you must have Java installed in order to proceed.
  2. Extract the distribution into the future parent directory of entropy (e.g /usr/local ). The distribution contains the following files:
    |-- LICENSE.txt
    |-- README.txt
    |-- bin
    |   `--
    |-- config
    |   |--
    |   `--
    |-- jar
    |   |-- choco-1.2.04.jar
    |   |-- entropy-1.0.0.jar
    |   |-- jsch-0.1.38.jar
    |   `-- log4j-1.2.9.jar
    `-- logs
    • The bin directory contains management scripts. By default, scripts are made for GNU/Linux.
    • The config directory contains configuration files. contains properties related to entropy. contains instructions for the logging system (based on log4j ).
    • The jar directory contains the libraries used by Entropy.
    • The logs is the default output directory for the logging system.